Sex, too easy…

When it comes to sex and “getting it”, no one has it better then women. The power of the Kitty koo (pu$$y) is truly something amazing. Guys must spend time, money, make effort and some how, woo ladies in order to get some sex. And even then, men sometimes have slim-to-no pickings/options when it comes to the person they wanna have sex with. Now, women, all they have to do is make a simple decision…..”yes” or “no”. And its just that simple. Woman have absolutely noooooo prob getting sex if they choose it and are prolly offered more penis on a daily then they want. Also, women dont have to put in any work what so ever. They get approached by so many men (and sometimes women) in the streets, the clubs, bars, etc, that they dont have to put in the work…..and you know why!? thats right! The power of the pu$$y 🙂 The thing that men drool and make a fool of themselves over. What do you guys think?? if you stumble accross this blog, lemme know. Do you agree or disagree with what i just said??




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