On that charlie sheen

Poor poor Charlie sheen. I must admit that I am a fan of his early works. ie hot shots movies. But as of rescent as u may all I know poor Charlie done finally smoked and sniffed his mind away. His rants on tv have already gave programs, radio, shows and everyone else plenty of material to roast him and create punch lines such as ” uh, winning”. All I know is that poor guy needs some help and that he needs to get rid of the goddesses asap! 🙂

– btrax


One thought on “On that charlie sheen”

  1. I just went to a poetry reading 3/16/10 where two poems were of Charlie Sheen. They were basically making fun of his incredible doings. My thoughts , feelings were mixed. While some of the stuff was funny I felt like they were making fun of a man with a mental illness, namely bipolar disorder. Plus his drug addictions. Its not uncommon for mental illness and addiction to go together. Its called dual diagnosis. It reminded me of how the locals in 18th century England would gather to go to Bedlam to gawk at the patients in Bedlam. In other words, mental illness as entertainment. I wonder why Charlie Sheen isn’t getting treatment for his psychiatric disorder and why his family isn’t helping

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