I.don’t.want.a.PIA! Boom!

First off if u “got” my title then pat ur selves on the back. Well, American idol done went and done it! I was already losin faith in this damn show when Simon left, but decided to stick around outta curiosity. Turns out this season wasn’t too bad until a couple things happened that made me pissed. First, during the hollywood week, while picking the top folks to make it through the final, the judges went ahead and cut one of my fav singers….who u ask?… Fat Bieber or Muffin Bieber as I called him. U know, the lil fat kid with the nice voice…. If u have been following u should know who I am referring to. Any way, then, what took the cake, last night stupid azz America voted and PIA, who was the top dog, the one with the voice, the one with the “it” factor, the very marketable female…. Was the last one standing with the lowest votes. Now ppl, this is not a fuckin popularity contest. And I could be taking this too seriously, but damn it, when ppl got talent and star potential, and get booted off of a singing competition, I lose all faith and respect. They should have kicked off that bass-playing, Seth rogen lookin mutha fucker and saved PIA this week. Any way, I am very disappointed and don’t even know if I will b continuing to watch idol.



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