Rebecca Black Friday… But thank god it’s Monday

So….. Wholly fuckin shit! Ima about 100 million views late here, but Jesus! Who knew that this lil girl and piece of shit song would take off like it did. This just goes to show you that not only does sex sell, but also shit. I can’t for the life of me figure out the reason behind the popularity of the song Friday by Rebecca Black. Can some one help me? I just, literally, just heard this song and watched the video out of curiosity to see and find out what all the hype was about. There wasnt much to it. Simple lyrics, low quality video and poppy beat. I guess thats what you get for $2000. That and 100 million views on you tube. Don’t folks get paid after 1 million views? Any way, regardless of what I feel and think. This song and girl are moving along strongly even making it’s way to top 20 on iTunes. (sigh) props to the media and marketing team behind this train reck, y’all should work for Obamas next campaign team as well.



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