Donald trump vs. Obama

So recently mr trump has taken a break from being a reality star and real estate mogul to focus a lot of his attention on president Obama. For what ever reason, wether it be because trump is thinking of running for prez against Obama, he’s looking for more attention or he’s just being a fuckin prick, the Donald keeps on demanding proof of Obamas citizenship. I jus heard that he recently stated that Obama could not write. Mind u, Obama went to a prestigious school and graduated at the top of his (law) class. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know either of these fools, nor do I honestly give a fuck, but when ppl, start doing bitch shit, petty stuff or jus wanna start some problems with nothing to back it, then I got a problem. So Donald, shut the fuck up, stick to being a biz man and stop with the bitchazzness.



One thought on “Donald trump vs. Obama”

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