Is it COMMON at the white house?

So there have been all sorts of reports and stories regarding rescent happenings at the white house and event that took place. I admit that I don’t have all the details but I do know that the Obamas invited conscious rapper common to a function and he was suppose to perform or recite a piece. Some how the brilliant folk at FOX news, the same ppl who reported that OBAMA had been killed, had a huge problem with this and started to create a mess. Holding interviews, news reports and giving false info about the situation. Fox needs to get their shit together and get the proper info and ppl to report if they don’t wan to further embarrass them selves they are basically the channel 5 news team on “the anchor man”. To best sum up my feelings on fox and to put them on the spot, do me a favor and google or YOUTUBE the following: John Stewart on fox news/common.



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