Xfactor: Astro

I’m a fan of certain types of tv and reality tv. I especially like American idle and xfactor type shows. And like many other folks I critique the singers and have my favorite. Last night on xfactor one of the contestants was up for elimination and decided to act like a fuckin diva slash brat. If you were watching then u already know I am referring to the 13 year old rapper, Astro. He decided that he was not going to rap because people did not vote for him, started crying and showed disrespect to the audience and judges. Even Simon commented on his attitude. My whole thing is, you have this major opportunity, youre on live tv and you got family watching. Conduct ya self like a damn professional!! No matter how old. Don’t bring the “streets” with you to a show like this. Any way, ima b rootin that they kick his azz off from here on out. Go Melanie!


One thought on “Xfactor: Astro”

  1. I honestly don’t think Astro’s outburst will be as damaging to his chances on the show as originally thought. He is EVERYWHERE right now. He’s the most famous contestant on X-Factor. I think his followers/views have more to do with the controversy that surrounds him which gives him the actual X-Factor for fans watching the show. It doesn’t hurt that he has Diddy/Dwyane Wade/Reggie Bush/etc. tweeting about him, either Even people who haven’t been watching X-Factor know this kid’s name and I’ll bet they had some of their highest ratings of the season this week. I hated the way he acted and the audience was on him but America loves a comeback story. He came back strong this week and they’ll forget all about it I agree that rappers, and frankly, heavy “metal” artists (wink wink James) lose a lot of their cred the moment they enter the competition. Astro had to reach and pander with the “I’ll Be Missing You” ode and according to the show, did not get enough votes. But I think the avenues to acceptance are easier for rap anyway–almost all the hit pop stars nowadays have been featured with a rapper, and that’s the best way to get exposure to the international masses. I keep saying, it’s easy to find acceptance by collabs, something that rock artists (or at least Idol’s version of rawk artists) just can’t do. So he’ll still easily have the most success of any contestant on this show for this reason.

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