Beyonce’s a better mom then you

So first off, congrats to new parents jay z and beyonce. it seems that being famous has more than its perks because not only did jay z pay the hospital that birthed his daughter 1.5 million, but also B and J had all the other new parents escorted off the maternity floor so that their baby could be born. That right there made me lose respect for both beyonce and jay z as people. Fuck the fact that they are famous, and I understand having security there because of paparazzi and crazed fans and what have you, but to have the other new parents of new babies and also preemie babies escorted out of the hospital and away from their children is dirty. I imagine there were other ways of taking care of the needs of jay z and beyonce and still be able to take care of the needs of its patience. and on top of that, when B was asked if she felt bad about the situation l, she said no. That’s like a big “fuck you, I’m beyonce” to the parents. How do y’all feel about this? If you read this and have made it this far, lemme know, leave a. Comment.

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