Shawn Payton is no saint

Who dat gonna get penalized by the NFL!! Dem saints. lol. Man. this isnt really news, or at least new news to me at all. even when i played high school football the coaches would want us to hit and injure opposite players. So in recent news the new orleans saints are in hot ater for some things that have surfaced. supposedly, damn near the entire coaching staff were paying defensive players bonuses for injuring opposing team players or for getting them out of the game. like i said, this isnt new news at all, this is the NFL for god sake. these professional athletes get paid millions to slam their body into other players and hurt em for entertainment. i think that there are more than just this one team doing this. The NFL are making them an example because they suspended the defensive coordinator indefinitely, fined them 500k and suspended the coach, mr payton. damn shame.

for info on this story click here


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