trayvon martin RIP

if you havent already heard of the trayvon martin murder case then you must be living under a rock. This is a perfect example of why racism, prejudice and hate will never go away… all. As long as people look and act different, there will always be prejudice and hate. To summarize, a 17 year old black teen (trayvon martin) was returning home from the store when he was followed by the communities self appointed crime watch leader, George zimmerman. Zimmerman accused trayvon of being a suspicious looking/acting african american walking through the community. zimmerman called the authorities, and told them, the authorities told him to back down, he persued. zimmerman ended up shooting trayvon after a scuffle ensued……basically there is more details around the net, do a quick google search on this story to hear the 911 call made, racial comments and more details on this story. When i heard about this story i wasnt shocked at all mainly due to the fact that things happen like this waaaaay to often between ordinary pieces of shit like racist ass zimmerman and even our “beloved” authorities. Upon the release of this story, zimmerman or even some of the authorities involved in changing some of this report have not been charged or arrested or anything. All i know is that the FBI is now iinvolved and this situation is messy and disgusting. RIP trayvon and much love to his family and friends.


click here for more info on this story


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