Facebook IPO

So the time has finally come. Facebook has finally gone public. After all the hype, a movie, building the social network, rising behind MySpace, acquiring instagram, after all the waiting, Facebook has officially launched their IPO. As you could have guessed, Facebook has broken some records today, within 30 seconds of its announcement, facebook sold some 80 million shares, has become the most (initial) valuable social site with stock options and has the biggest market value out of the other Internet giants combined. But, before you get too excited about buying some shares for yourself be careful. Analysts say to wait a little to see how FB fares in the market before investing. Look at groupon, zynga and Netflix. All came out swinging, but aren’t doing so well at the moment. And plus, history shows that IPOs aren’t always a sure bet off the back. Any ways, congrats to the FB employees who are now instant millionaires and much success to them all.

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