chris brown vs drake


so if you haven’t heard by now from the media, various outlets and twitter, there was a huge brawl at a NYC club between chris brown and YMCMB artist, drake. it all went down (like most incidents between men) over a female, not just any female, but rhiana. supposedly both entertainers were in separate VIP areas and chris brown decided to show good form by sending a bottle of champagne over to drakes table to show that there was no bad blood between them over drake dating chris’ ex. drake in turn, sent back the bottle along with a note saying “im fucking the love of your life, get over it”. chris didn’t like this, got up and confronted drake and all hell broke loose. Now that that is cleared up, recent reports say that cash money and ymcmb staff are urging drake to squash any beef between chris brown and himself because it is a bad look for biz. and as for now drake is refusing until chris brown admits that he (drake) had nothing to do with the brawl. smh, both artists have a great career and future and no time to waste on this petty shit. both should get over it, shake hands and keep it movin. in the words of the the late rodney king “cant we all just get along”!!

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