Willow Smith has a brand new tongue piercing. Oh, and she’s 11


News came out today that daughter/singer of will and jada smith got a tongue piercing with their approval and permission. What is so wrong with this? where the hell do i start? willow, if you didnt know, is 11 years old #1, #2 in the state of CA no minor can get any tattoos or piercings of that nature until 18…..period! and though these are just rumors and will and jada are claiming that the tongue ring is fake, will was quoted as saying that “we are giving her freedom to do with her body what she will, it teaches freedom and expression and her body is her temple”…..or some junk like that 🙂 i dont remember the quote word for word, but you get the idea. Wth is wrong with will and jada? what parent would support their 11 year old child getting a tongue piercing? i would love to know what willows excuse was to getting it in the first place. im old enough to know and have experience with college women who have said why they got their tongue pierced……smdh! any way, what do you all feel? would you support your adolescent child in getting their tongue pierced? hollywood parents! i tell ya!

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