Kim karsashian vs locket

If u hadn’t heard former porn star turned reality harlet (kin kardshian) is engaged to NBA player Kris humphries. as it turns out, an NFL player from the patriots is claiming to have had relations with ms kimmy while she was dating humphries. Apparently she is pissed over the allegations and is threatening to take things to court. I gotta stand by mr locket on this one. Ms kardashian has. Lil reputation for being in and out of relationships. Jus on her last show she had that thing with the Italian model, before that, some white boy, before that the NFL player from Dallas, new Orleans (twice), ray j and who knows who else. Kimmy, stop being a public whore and try to stay to one man. With a rep like hers, I wouldn’t ask the chick to marry me. So to mr humphries, though young and dumb, I wish u the best and give this thing at most……a year before a divorce.



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