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Khloe kardashian released Nekkid pics of Amber rose



Well my gawd! : Amber Rose strutting her amazing body in a tini- bikini


Amber rose vs Kim kardashian

click here awwww shoot. Kim k is at it again. Once a hoe always a hoe. Amber has some words for ms Kimmy. Click the link for more details on the story


Amber rose sext pics…

amber rose has been sending some very naked pics of herself to a certain hip hop stars boyfriend. Poor wiz, ppl tried to tell ya. U can’t change a hoe. click on the link above for pics and info



There’s the Beef!!


So, There is a rise in butt implants in celebs and folks alike. The fascination of a nice round ass has taken over photo shoots, runways and forums. Folks such as amber rose, kim k, nicki minaj and paris hilton have been rumored to have the azz implants. Why?? you ask, i have no fuckin clue, but what i do know is that some of these implants look beautiful…..while others……well, not so great, almost fake looking (i.e. Beyonce’s diaper pads. lol). N e how, i dont know how long this fad will last, i jus hope ppl dont go over board with the ass’. 🙂 *as long as they look natural………..