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Gorilllaz announce their return



BOX OFFICE: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ ($65M) wins weekend; joins ‘Guardians’ to boost August – The Washington Post


Princess and the frog

so, my brother tells me about this blog he had read about some person who was breaking down disney’s Princess/frog movie. he goes on to tell me that this person says that there are all sorts of negative portrayals of african americans on disney’s first attempt at the first black princess cartoon. The blogger also compares the movies characters to other notable fairytale characters from disney’s archive, ie: fairy god mothers, other princes and princesses. i personally dont agree with any of that!! i think the story line was beautifully written and done…..first of all, the over all story relates to real life situations; a hard working and focused woman of color, struggles but ends up succesfull at the end. She is very independent and is the hero in the movie. Yes, the character remains a frog for the most part of the movie, but she still stays true to her self and never strays away from that. She also is the first woman (i think) in a disney cartoon to help out the prince and get him back on his feet (speaking rhetorically) in every sense of the word. She gets him back on focus, makes him partner in her restaurant venture and makes him realize true love from within and then later, from the outside (unlike previous disney fairytales where all the “magic” that happened was love at first sight). Lastly, Queen Winfry supported the movie and played a small role (character). Anything she touches or is a part of is platinum…..you cant go wrong with that. Any way, i loved that movie and every thing it stood for. It kept it real and sent the message of- if you stay true and focused, put some effort into your visions/dreams, then you can make anything happen.