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Joan Rivers, Dies at 81



A musicians quick consultation


I know how it is to feel stuck, not knowing what to do next or even where to start. So I took the liberty to provide some simple starting points and brief advice for newbies to the industry and folks looking for more options.
Before even jumping into a harsh business such as the music industry (or any biz at that matter) you need to always know that no matter what, there is always someone better, smarter and more talented then YOU are. That’s not being said to be mean or to deter you in anyway, it’s simply put to keep you humble. One very important trait I learned early on is to stay humble, but at the same time remain confident, not cocky!! Confident! ……That being said, your next step should be to answer the following questions for yourself:

Do I have the time, energy, patience and money to persue this “rollercoaster ride” of a career?

Can I take criticism well, and learn from it?

Can I except rejection?

If you answered yes to all of these questions and are SURE of it, then please read on. In this industry you must remember the rule of “NO”. This just means that you will be told “no” a lot while trying to get your foot in the door, but eventually a “yes” will come along through your hard work and perseverance. For every 5-10 NO’s you will get a YES. Finally, I will provide some other helpful tips below. If any other questions please get in contact with me. Thanks and all the best.

Decide on a name for your self. Do a quick google search to see if anything comes up and that the name is not taken. Be original and take time on this because you will be representing this name and will be known as this monicker.

Get your publishing together. Make sure you own your stuff!! Whether you are a writer, composer or publisher, make sure you get paid for your work, this is a career not a hobby. Here are a few companies to check out: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC. Do some research to see which company better suites you and your needs.

Create goals for yourself, both short term (3 months to a year) and long term (1+ years). What do you wanna accomplish within the time being? What do you still need work on? What steps do you still have? How much money do you need to buy……whatever?? When you create these goals be as detailed as possible, because it’s easier to shoot an arrow if you have a target!!

Learn the Biz!!! For what ever you are trying to persue within this business of music (artist, producer, engineer, A&R, promoter, etc) , learn all that you can……engineering, studio terms, equipment, song formats i.e. bars, bar count, hooks, bridges, what is an EP/LP and what is the difference? Etc……….

Get your (social) network and grind on!! This point is very crucial to the success of any person who has it and seeks it! Go to conferences, festivals, clubs, school, utilize social sites, where ever you can network…..Remember, it’s all about who you know.

Get your tools together: biz cards, web site, quality material, etc. Try to come off bigger than you are…..fake it til you make it!!