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A Rihanna Meet And Greet Vs. An Avril Lavigne Meet And Greet


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USA TODAY: ‘Sexual harrassment’ dropped against boy…dumbest fkn thing ive ever heard of


‘Sexual harrassment’ dropped against boy

Boy, 6, suspended for kissing a schoolmate, but has ‘harrassment’ expunged from his record.


What are your thoughts? All I can do is shake my head on this one….the child is being an innocent child……..smh

Dirty 30’s (horny-est age)

Now i have heard around the way, that the closer you get to 30 (both men and women) the hornier you get. i didnt know this for sure until the past year or two. i have experienced this from hearing this from friends who are going through it and also from my own personal experiences as my birthday approaches. it seems that every female i walk by, every magazine with a beautiful-thick female or even episodes on tv with women turn me on. My hormones go in to over drive, and i cant help but check these females out from head to toe. And mind you, im not saying or doing these things in a gross perverted way, i am subtle when i do it 🙂 im especially a big fan of big hips and ass (can i get an AMEN??!) so when a “blessed” female approaches or walks by, its even worse. What do yall think? do you agree? is it equally bad for both men and women or just men?

lemme know

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