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Kris Jenner: Director of porn and kardashian lives

In the latest hollywood gossip goin round, it seems that the now famous Kim K & ray jay sex tape may have had some help, the directing kind. Based on reports by tmz, kris Jenner (the kardashians mom and ex manager) supposedly staged and directed the sex tape. wow! we all knew how ruthless kris was, but damn!! anything for a buck and exposure i guess. the way she has been pimpin her family reminds me of another famous family with 5 very famous brothers, in particular a dad who did the same thing. smh. read more on the report below.

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Justin Biebers havin a Baby baby!

ahh, groupies, you gotta love em! So if you haven’t heard, a young lady in her early 20’s is saying that she and justin bieber had relations some time ago and that he got her preggo. And in true groupie form, she has since had the baby and is saying that the beebs is the daddy and is lookin for some compensation. I guess u can’t get mad at a groupie for trying but she set her self up for failure on this one. Bieber is all of 17 years old, while the accuser is 20 goin on 21. Does she not know that that is considered statuatory rape?? I last heard that the authorities have detained her for questioning. All of this is not surprising to me at all, because when u are young rich and famous there are tons of groupies, both young and old around every corner. And bieber is a 17 year old teen….. I for know if U were ever a 17 year old teen, but usually around that age ur hormones are bouncin all over the place, so the beebs is prolly enjoying every second of his options and opportunities with these groupies. any hoo. All the best to the beebs. Hopefully it all works out for him