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Khloe kardashian released Nekkid pics of Amber rose



A Rihanna Meet And Greet Vs. An Avril Lavigne Meet And Greet


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Donald Sterling banned for life…from the nba….his team…..so what!


 First off,  let me start by saying that i am glad that action was taken so swiftly and that this situation was taken so seriously. With that being said…so what! Donald Sterling is an 80+ year old billionaire who grew up in a time and place where his current thoughts and beliefs (regarding) race were more acceptable. Someone like that is not going to change over night, or AT ALL for that matter. From my understanding, he has had that reputation of being prejudice and racist for some time, and has been called out by previous clipper players, family members and staff. The point im trying to make here is this, all these politicians, news reports, rappers and athletes coming out the wood-work with their fists held high calling for his head need to sit down. They need to sit down and really think, because this wonderful nation we live in is based off of greed, hate, lies and murder. Now i know it sounds like im getting a little deep about this, but im sitting here shaking my head and really thinking. If all these people are coming together on this one individual and want to preach love and acceptance then tell these same people to practice what they preach; Take it a step further. Donald Sterling didnt make history here by becoming the first wealthy individual to get caught saying some foul shit, he isnt the fisrt or the last person who will have the same views as he does. But, back to my point, tell these folks to “check” each other when someone calls a friend a NIGGA as a form of acknowledgment, tell these same people to choose other words other then FAGGOT when they are mad at a refs call or other player, tell these same athletes and entertainers to take the same call to action ev-ery time an owner, director,producer, executive, etc is out of line like Donald sterling. In no way, am i defending this jack azz, im just saying that i would love to see the same organization to take down Donald applied to the other countless racists that are out there and havent been called out yet.