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F it ….I quit. Reporter quits live on air with no fucks given

Reporter Quits On-Air, Reveals She’s A Pro-Marijuana Activist [Video] http://zite.to/1rgHhNP


Iron mike tyson takes on broadway

if you havent heard already, mr iron mike tyson is taking on broadway. and no, Broadway is not the name of a heavy weight boxer, but in fact, broadway, as in musicals, bright lights and stage acting. i give it up to mike, because for a second it seemed as though his career and him as a person were going down hill with no return. But thanks to a couple of movies (the hangover one and two), a short lived reality show and some funny viral videos on you tube, it seems that mike is making a comeback. in a recent TMZ interview he even hopes to take home a tony award. All the best champ.

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Porn Star Relationship

I was recently browsing YOU TUBE and came across an interesting clip of a fairly popular porn star doing an interview on a show called “Vlad TV”. As the interview progresses a question is asked about her popularity as a porn star. She responds by saying that her boyfriend admits that folks are just attracted to her charisma, as is he. Now…….i sat there thinking for a quick second and got two things from what i just heard…..#1 she’s a porn star (who gets daily bukkakes, multiple scenes with multiple stars and what ever else a porn star does and goes through) and #2 she said she has a SERIOUS relationship. Now, if you are like me, you would sit there scratching your head trying to figure out how you make a relationship work as a pornstar. What normal person could actually sit there and seriously say “oh yeah, i’m koo wit my female/dude fuckin and/or gettin fucked by all these people…….”. Highly doubtful. Ppl are some jealous and envious creatures. Somefolk cant stand their mate giving a hug to someone else, let alone having all sorts of kinky/freak-ass sex with some strangers. cuh-razy!! if you stumble across this post, answer the following for me: could you be involved with someone who is a pornstar??